About the FORMA Review

The FORMA Review features weekly book reviews from the team behind FORMA Journal, a quarterly that contemplates the intersection of classical thought and contemporary culture. We will be reviewing fiction and non-fiction, poetry and plays. We’ll be looking at books about education and books about books. We’ll be contemplating biographies and volumes of art history. And we’ll be hunting miscellany, seeking out the sorts of things that book-lovers love.

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The FORMA Review also operates as the digital home of FORMA’s print edition. Each week paying subscribers to the FORMA Review will get access to one feature from that quarter’s print edition, plus a bonus post with a roundup of 3-4 quick-hit book reviews.

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Of course, you can always subscribe to the Journal itself and get our beautiful quarterly print editions mailed to your home every three months. We use only high quality paper stock and the magazine is full-color with plenty of beautiful photographs and illustrations to go along with the essays, reviews, and interviews.

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Our team

Editor-in-chief - David Kern

Managing editor - Heidi White

Associate editor (reviews) - Sean Johnson

Associate editor (subscriber content) - Emily Andrews

Poetry editor - Christine Perrin

Senior editors - James Cain, Matt Bianco

Copy editor - Emily Dunnan

Associate editor - Ian Andrews